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WiFi Business

Our services include a pocket WiFi rental and a wholesale of WiFi network.

Providing high quality performance WiFi service and WiFi network at a low price with IT system are our pronounced edge over others around the world.

【Overseas operation bases】Malaysia, Singapore, HongKong, Canada

A Pocket WiFi rental for indivuduals and companies

We provide a pocket WiFi with large capacity data around the world.
You can connect to everyone and everywhere in the world through our WiFi service.

Recommended for and benefits;
  1. For overseas business trip
  2. For overseas travelar who want to connect internet anytime,anywhere
  3. Avoid expensive limited data plans
  4. No hidden fees,no overcharge,no roaming fees
  5. No international SIM card needed or unsecure public WiFi connection
  6. You don't worry about internet speed limit
  7. WiFi connections come in hand
  8. WiFi large capacity data is always available

Our service fee is fixed no hidden charges and no overcharge!
You don't worry about internet speed limit and WiFi large capacity data is always available.

expanding to more countries soon.

A wholesale of WiFi network

We have a large stock of WiFi network around the world.
We belongs 'VISONDATA Gruop' and have powerful network around the world.
Besides,we have our original management IT system about the WiFi line.
We provide next generation type WiFi network model.

  1. We have partners around the world and cooperate to have WiFi network
  2. We have a large stock of WiFi with high quality performance world wide specifically Japan.
  3. You can manage usage perfomance of each WiFi line by our original IT system
  4. We can develop next generation type WiFi system that includes remote control, advertising and so on.
  5. We can develop a new original WiFi device with cooperation of manufacturers

Our group, "VISIONDATA" provide a WiFi network and a high quality communication environment at a low cost and safely worldwide.